Online date base

Job site information any time anywhere:

Whether you use a laptop, tablet PC or smart phone. All you need is an internet connection.

With our new online data base you have the possibility to upload key paramaters (pile length, concrete volume ...; varies on method) directly after stopping the recording on the DaVis monitor.
So you have an overview of the process of the achieved work.
Additionally,  you can upload processed PDF files with our GUHMA software easily to the data base.
The data base
automatically allocates the PDF file  to the right produced product. (CFA pile, Soil mixing pile, compaction column, etc.)

Of course, that is not all.

Additional functions of the data base are:
- Statistical evaluation of job sites, such as daily performance; weekly performance, monthly performance (drilled meter, installed concrete, and    much more)
- Statistical evaluation of single rigs on job sites (drilled meter, installed concrete, and many more)
- Statistical evaluation of your rigs (daily- weekly- monthly performances)
- Data of single piles or pile groups (total meter, total volume and many more)
- Track the location of your equipment in real time on an interactive world map.

With our data base you have many more options and functions.
For further information please send an email to:
or call us at:
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