Our products

With our range of monitors for the cab and outdoor we fullfill every request for the visualization of the data of your method. 100% of our Gamperl & Hatlapa software is programmed in our house. That gives us the opportunity to customize the software individually to your needs. That means we are able to develop customized special solutions.

With the processing software, also a 100% Gamperl & Hatlapa product, we can provide an individual software programmed according to your needs. An intuitive software, which is easy to understand and which provides single-, daily- and weekly reports with less mouse clicks.

Monitors - Data Acquisition Visualization

DaVis GT

7 inch and 10 inch glass front

DaVis OD

5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch und 12 inch

DaVis micro

2,8 inch and 4,3 inch


Communication system


Radio connection

Wireless LAN



Data processing software