Sand compaction

For the sand compaction method we recommend our DaVis 7" outdoor monitor because of the higher protection category. That the operator can focus his attention on the vibrator as well, we arranged the information on the display that they are easy to find and fast to discern. The compaction process can be stored variable. That means, that the timer can be set individualy as well as the pulling distance and the repenetration distance. Furthermore it is possible to set triggers at reaching certain vibration pressures or vibration amperage.

Moreover it is possible to control a air-water manifold and store several valve opening settings. For more information you can contact us any time.

Displayed parameters on the screen:

  • Depth
  • Amperage
  • Air-Water pressure
  • Valve opening ratio
  • Compaction time
  • Compaction factor
  • Graphical illustration

Improve your quality by:

  • Adjustable step timers
  • Adjustable warning threshold values (amperage)
  • Automated Air-Water-Manifold