Jet grouting

For the jet grouting method we use our DaVis 7" outdoor monitor. One advantage of the monitor is its sunlight resistance. That means even under direct sunlight, the display and the parameters are perfectly legible. In addition to that, the monitor fullfills the IP67 standard and is protected against all weather conditions.

With our monitor holder (RAM) it is possible to turn the monitor in every angle to have a perfect view at any time. 

If requested, we can visualize different parameters on screen.

Displayed parameters on the screen:

  • Depth (incl. penetration and withdrawal rate)
  • Rotation
  • Rotary head pressure
  • Pulldown pressure
  • Grout pressure
  • Grout flow
  • Air pressure and flow
  • Total volume
  • Inclination
  • Depth (Jet start; Jet stop; break)

Pull back control with different adjustable parameters: (Depending on the machine)

  • Rotations
  • Increments
  • Pulling speed