Our GUHMA software can be installed and operated on every commercial computer.
To produce a report of the recordings which are saved in the memory of the monitor, the data have to be transferred to a thumb drive first. Then, it is possible to work on the representation of the GUHMA files and the report.
With the help of an automatic function, it is possible to read the files, export them as a PDF and print them out - all with two mouse clicks.

The report contains all important information in a clear presentation

Construction site data:

  • Project name
  • Area (Section)
  • Machine
  • Contractor
  • Client

Key information:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Phase
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Max. reached depth
  • Total volume
  • Consumption / m³
  • Deviation
  • Average values
  • and many more

Graphic display:

  • vs. time/date/seconds
  • vs. depth
  • vs. other values (e.g. increments)
  • Bar graph (SM)
  • theo. pile profile
  • X-Y-diagramms

We implement your ideas for the protocol

  • Zoom function: Zoom and print out unclear sections in the time diagramm
  • Overview of the daily consumption of slurry, drilled meters, drilling time and many more
  • PDF and Excel export function