Whether it be depth measurement with a rubber role, sheave, hydrostatic or magnetic, pressures up to 1000 bar, inclination, rotation measurement, grout flow and many more, Gamperl & Hatlapa offers not only the software, but also the hardware. The sensors we use can be easily installed  on every rig (drilling and piling rigs, grout pump, etc.) to realize your needs and demands regarding data measurement.

If necessary, already installed sensors can be used.

As a matter of course, our service will be available any time after commissioning, concerning every kind of question. Also on site.

Depth measurement

Pressure roll or cable loop with clamping element

  • Resolution 360 impulses / revolution
  • For pressing on the winch or rope pully

Magnetic profile rail with sensor

Resolution: 4000 impulses / meter

Hallow shaft sensor

  • Variable diameters
  • Variable couplings
  • Adjustable to your parameters

Inclination sensors

Vibration compensating inclination sensors to measure the sticher depth in an easy and very accurate way.

Pressure sensors

Hydraulic pressure sensors

for pressure up to 1000bar

1/4" Thread

1/2" Tread

Concrete pressure sensors

16 Bar

25 Bar

Flow Meters

Flow meter for fluids

Depending on the area of application [high chemical workload, high abrasive load, ... I, the material of the electrodes and also the inlet can be configured in such a way that a high accuracy and durability can be guaranteed.

  • Standard version: 40bar
  • Special version: 100bar
  • Diameter up tp DN 200

Flow meter for air

The flow meter for floats is available in numerous versions and different materials. The sturdy full metal flow meter is also suitable for applications with high pressures and temperatures or aggressive materials. lt can be installed horizontally or vertically. This flow meter is manu­factured according to the following specifications: max. pressure, standard cubic meter, con­nection size.