Communication system

With our 4G communication system you have the opportunity to see the current screen of the operator, as well as to upload the saved recordings to an FTP server. By use of the generated Wi-Fi, it is possible to follow the display of the monitor in real time via your laptop, tablet PC or even your smartphone. Therefore we have developed a GuH application for iOS and Android. When you are not on the job site, the possibility to have access to the data via internet is always given. Furthermore, you have the option to upload the saved data to an FTP server immediately after having finished the recording. As the data are not only saved on the server, you can start to process the data immediately and do not have to download them from the monitor to a thumb drive. To avoid mistakes you can find the pile number, date and time attached to each recording.

Fleet management

We increase the possibilities of the 4G communication system. Now you can track the location of your equipment world wide in real time.
Additionally, you can get information for:

  • Equipment name
  • WIFI protected/unprotected
  • Data traffic (Volume)
  • Netmapping-address (Open VPN)
  • Online status
  • Working hours for service (if available)

With your account you get access to a map with all locations and data of your equipmnet at one view. For our customers that already have a 4G communication system, this service is of course retrofittable.

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