Gamperl & Hatlapa USA Inc.

A big step towards the customer. GuH is located with a branch in North America. To be closer to the customer and manage a faster order processing we have a new branch in Wentzville, USA.

Quality comes first at Gamperl & Hatlapa. To grant a quality remaining on such a high level, we will continue to produce all our components in our head office in Germany. These include not only our hardware components but also our software, which will still be developed and adapted to the customer's requests in Germany. 

Sustainability and service! To provide a steady and quick delivery of spares, we have established a well sorted warehouse in North America. Via this warehouse we are not only able to realize new projects, but also to dispatch replacements, to save time and money.

Hand in hand.
 Every order is planned and administered by one of our technicians in Germany. After planning, the orders are directly transmitted to our office in North America. Our members in America will then contact you, to go into the planning of the corporate accomplishment of the installation.

Our workers in America are native Americans, who are living in the country and know it very well. These are ideal conditions for a smooth cooperation. There are different customs, working methods and security guide lines in every country of the world. Our American staff has grown up with these regulations and is very familiar with them.

You can find our American contact information here.
Unsere amerikanischen Kontaktdaten finden Sie hier.