Soil mixing

During the soil mixing method it is extremely important to receive the exact information by the measurement data acquisition, as the operator must be aware of the already introduced grout per gradient. The advantage of the Gamperl & Hatlapa software is the achievement of an ideal mixture result, even in different kinds of soil. By using our system, you can set the target volume for different kinds of soil and depth yourself. Furthermore you can set the targeted revolutions for the mixing tool to insert a certain minimum mixing energy. With our DaVis 7" monitor, the operator has a perfect overview of the current soil conditions at any time. In addition to that it is possible to distinguish between water (phase 1) and slurry (phase 2).

Displayed parameters on screen:

  • Depth (incl. penetration- and pulling speed)
  • Rotary head pressure
  • Crowd pressure
  • Rates per minute
  • Inclination
  • Grout pressure (graph and bar diagram)
  • Flow Suspension (graph and bar diagram)
  • Volume per increment
  • Total volume