Pressure & Quantity measurement (P&Q)

Our system, which was specially designed for the measurement and visualization of pressure and quantity, is characterized by its very simple and user-friendly operation. This system is ready for operation within a very short time and a recording can be started.

For processing the data, our GUHMA processing software is available. 

P&Q System with pump control

For pressures up to 40 bar. Also as special version 100 bar possible.

P&Q frame incl.

  • Flow meter
  • Pressure transducer
  • 6 pin plug

Available sizes in frame:

1" (DN25)

  • Optimal measuring range: 150 l/min
  • Max. measuring range: 350 l/min

2" (DN50)

  • Optimal measuring range: 420 l/min
  • Max. measuring range: 1.400 l/min

As an option, this system is available with a Start/Stop function. That means, it is possible to set shut-off criterias. The pump can be shut off either by exceeding a set pressure or by reaching a target volume. The operator can then decide to shut off the pump and the recording or to start the pump again.